Utility/Waste Removal

Did you know your credit card processing rates can be as low as 1% for your residential customers? And your overall processing costs can be as low as 2%?

If your costs are higher, you are throwing money away!!!




CPS is the leader in payment processing for Waste Removal Companies; in 2008 CPS received the endorsement from the National Waste Management Association (NSWMA). CPS benefits you by significant reductions in processing fees and increasing efficiencies in your back-office A/R operations. To learn more about this Visa and MasterCard program and how CPS can reduce your payment processing fees contact us today for a no obligation quote.


Special Waste Industry Rates

Many waste industry businesses qualify for special, lower acceptance rates, which can reduce the overall acceptance costs to below 2 percent. Many processors (and credit card acceptance providers) lack the knowledge and understanding to establish these low rates. And, some providers intentionally withhold these rates from their clients. If you are not receiving these lower rates from Visa and MasterCard, contact CPS to see if you qualify.


With CPS many waste removal companies have reduce their processing fees by up to 50% with this special utility rate processing. CPS is the industry-leading provider for single and recurring credit card processing and debit card processing for the waste removal industry.


With CPS credit card processing your business can:

• Accept online credit card payments, telephone payments, Automated Processing over the Phone, integrated software payments or the ability to processing monthly transactions through a file upload saving hours of manual labor.

• Retain flexibility in payment options.

• By reducing your payment processing costs this allows you to keep your customers costs down.

• Set up automated recurring billing.

• Have the ability to receive your funds Next Day.

• Dedicated account rep assigned to meet your needs.


As an added benefit, you’ll have access to our unique and robust reporting tools, at no extra cost. These reporting tools allow you to track your daily deposits and if you have numerous accounts those can be linked together with one login.