Mobile Payments

Process Payments with your Smartphone or Tablet
Not every business has a sales counter. Salespeople, field technicians and even artists at the local fair, need the ability to accept payments on the go. Learn how to process without the restrictions of hardware or wired connections.




Mobile Device Compatibility and Setup


Use VirtualMerchant Mobile with your existing mobile devices, regardless of carrier. The software is compatible with Apple® iPhones and iPads, selected BlackBerrys, and any smartphone or tablet using Android 2.0 or greater.

Setup is easy. Just download the VirtualMerchant Mobile app from your relevant App Store, and enter a Gateway ID and mobile key provided by our processing partner, Elavon. Once your device is configured, you’re ready to accept key-entered transactions. Or add a card reader and swipe credit and signature debit cards. VirtualMerchant Mobile is compatible with a variety of readers for different platforms and form factors.

Secure and Reliable

VirtualMerchant Mobile is a hosted solution so there are no security concerns. No card or payment information is stored on your mobile device; transaction data is immediately encrypted and sent to Elavon’s secure hosted environment. This means your cardholder and transaction data is protected but still accessible in the event that your device is damaged, lost or stolen. It also means that Elavon assumes the responsibility for ensuring compliance with the most current security standards and industry regulations.

VirtualMerchant Mobile is compatible with all of our payment processing, security and reporting services, including: