Business To Business (B2B)

B2B and Large Ticket Credit Card Processing

CPS through NXGEN’s payment processing allows you to provide your business or government clientele with a variety of B2B and large ticket processing methods at low rates.

B2B payment card processing is very different from processing consumer cards and the savings opportunities are substantial. The key to qualifying for the best rates for B2B and B2G card payments requires including “Level-3” information. Level-3 data provides descriptive line item detail about the products sold such as Product Part Number, Product Description, Quantity, Unit of Measure, Price and more.

Software Integration

Our payment processing solutions are designed for easy integration with your existing ERP, CRM and POS software to offer seamless payment processing, transaction posting and reporting.

Most major POS applications and many back office accounting programs are already certified for compatibility with the Elavon network, allowing you to use your existing software for credit card authorizations. In addition, we offer complete online access to your transaction data and powerful Web-based reporting tools for additional analysis