Secure, fast and reliable payment processing for any retail/restaurant establishment

When it comes to accepting credit cards every merchant has the same requirements: security, speed, reliability and durability. Whether you sell in person or by phone, mail or the Internet, slow responses and processing delays cause unhappy customers and lost sales. CPS offers fast, reliable payment processing to keep your business moving as well as security services and powerful reporting tools help you prevent fraud, chargebacks and downgrades which can increase payment processing costs.

Payment processing services from CPS offers:

  • 99.96% uptime.
  • 1.5 second average response time.
  • Processing through the Elavon network —rated #1 network by MasterCard®.
  • Retail-specific hardware and software.
  • Easy integration with existing POS and back-office accounting software.
  • Support for one-time, recurring and installment payments.
  • PCI compliance certification.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Online access to transaction data.

Software Integration

Our payment processing solutions are designed for easy integration with your existing POS software, as well as back office accounting solutions like QuickBooks, for seamless payment processing, transaction posting and reporting.

Most major POS applications are already certified for compatibility with the Elavon network, allowing you to use your existing software for credit card authorizations.

In addition, CPS offers complete online access to your transaction data and powerful web-based reporting tools for additional analysis.

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