ACH Processing and Electronic Check Processing Services

With our robust ACH network you will have the ability to process payments anytime, whether its customer initiated online or accepted over the phone.

Our processing partners can also provide your business the opportunity to convert paper checks into and electronic file for Remote Deposit into your bank account via Check 21.

With our Electronic Check payment processing services, your business can:

  • Increase flexibility in payment options and improve your business’s cash flow. More payment options leads to quicker payments.
  • Reduce the hassle and cost of paper checks.
  • Remotely deposit your checks into your bank account for faster funding.
  • Reduce bank fees through our ACH and Remote Deposit tools.
  • Can be fully integrated into your billing software and capture information off your payment stubs for automatically updating paid customers.
  • Reduce Operational Labor with full OCR capabilities and streamlines A/R operations
  • Reduce processing cost since ACH transactions are less expensive than credit card transactions
  • Set up automated recurring billing.

In addition, we offer unique and robust reporting tools, at no extra cost, so you know where your money is at all times. These reporting tools are flexible and customizable, allowing you track all user activity.

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