Making the Checkout Process Easy for your Shoppers

For online merchants, the challenge is giving your customers an easy and fast way to buy so they return to your site. We can show you how to accomplish this. The last thing you want is customers abandoning their checkout due to a confusing and lengthy process.


We can help by giving you payment processing solutions designed specifically for your website. We can even integrate with your existing solution or add one of our payment gateways to your shopping cart. With our processing partners you get fast, secure processing, great rates, and unmatched customer support—as well as security services and powerful reporting tools to help you prevent fraud, chargebacks and downgrades that increase your payment processing costs.

Our partners offer:


Payment Gateways

Our payment processing solutions are compatible with leading Internet payment gateway solutions like Authorize.Net and Payflow Pro. We also have our own gateway solutions—InternetSecure™ and VirtualMerchant—which offer more capabilities at significant savings.

InternetSecure provides real-time transaction processing for all major credit cards directly from your existing web site’s shopping cart. It offers all of the features you would expect in a state-of-the-art gateway solution, including PCI DSS compliance, tokenization and support for card security codes and the MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa plugins. The gateway can be implemented using a simple, hosted payment page or through direct integration with your web site. The flexible application programming interface (API) is compatible with most leading shopping cart providers.

VirtualMerchant turns any web-enabled PC into a payment terminal and supports other types of transactions (face-to-face, mail order, etc.) as well as online sales. Since VirtualMerchant is a hosted solution, you can begin processing electronic payments by simply leveraging your existing PCs and Internet or telephone connections. This removes the upfront costs for specialized terminals and additional telephone lines, as well as the ongoing expenses of software upgrades, system maintenance and technical support—all included with the VirtualMerchant service. You also eliminate concerns about data security. As your hosting provider, Elavon is responsible for protecting your data and ensuring compliance with the most current security standards and industry regulations.

Software Integration

Our payment processing solutions are also designed for easy integration with your existing e-commerce software, as well as back office accounting solutions like QuickBooks. This creates seamless payment processing, transaction posting and reporting.

Our processing partners support all major payment gateways, including Authorize.Net and Payflow Pro, as well as an API option for integration with your in-house system. For businesses that do not already have a payment gateway in place, we also offer an extremely powerful, feature-rich gateway solution at an extremely competitive price.

In addition, we provide complete online access to your transaction data and powerful web-based reporting tools for additional analysis.


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